Overwhelm kicked in and finally I had to admit I needed help.  Shipping to Africa is extremely costly.
Werner Berger, AKA “The Everest Guy” ( now my husband, we got married in Africa …. and that’s a whole other incredible experience for later!), suggested I ask the people he was taking on Safari and a Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb, to take some of the items as their luggage. With a fabulous response, I ended up sending boxes all of this country.  The photos show some of the volunteers who , in addition to helping transport the children’s “gifts”, added some of their own.

What a fabulous group!

Many reported the trip to have been a life changing experience and their time with the children, simply the icing on a very delicious cake!

Just One of the Groups of Volunteers …

Father Aloyce and the head doctor share time with our volunteers, and with tears in their eyes thank us for the most appreciated “prize” we brought …. boxes of supplements for the malnourished children.  I ask myself, “Is this enough? How long will they last?” Clearly, the answer is a pathetic, “Not long enough.”  Falsely, I console myself with, “It’s better than nothing!”

After An Exhilarating Day of Joy and Reaching Out … Volunteers Fall Off to Sleep!              

This picture says it all.  I turned around to talk to some of the volunteers and captured some of them in the very back of the bus with drooping heads; exhaustion has taken its toll.  Would they do it again?  You bet!  They were simply tired because of the excitement, the sun and their recent climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  These would be very special days; ones that touched the hearts of many, and will remain in the memory bank until the day each of us passes into the great beyond.