shopping for orphans  I have always wanted to help children who have less.  Starting in the fall of 2005, I committed part of my weekly earnings to purchase clothing, school and medical supplies for orphans in Africa. Little by little my home was overtaken by my new “stuff”.  Little did I realize at that time how enormous this project was to become!

As the time drew closer to our Safari/Kilimanjaro trip, a friend introduced me to someone who ran a non-profit for 800 orphans in Tanzania.  This was the match!  Now, the process took on a really serious tone. Count, pile and label.  It started in one section of my living room, then the next and the next… card tables were added until they spread into the foyer and dining room. In the weeks before departure, I made runs to department stores to make sure I had enough for every child.  The project was a sheer delight.