My wish ….. my hope ….. my vision for you ….. is that as you read these words and look at the pictures, that you can actually imagine yourself becoming a part of the dream, with your own ideas of help and love coming to fruition ……making this world a better place for all kids.

My initial thoughts were that I wanted every child to have a brand new item of clothing to wear.

Then I added school supplies and then . . . medical supplies.  The needs of children the world over are so great, so enormous, the task may seem daunting at times.  With your help and support we WILL make their world a better place.

I wanted to connect with the children ….. to be with them …..  to see and feel the joy they would have when they received their new things.  Just BEING with the children at the end of a day.

As I reflect on this, I have to admit that sharing these children’s joy was perhaps part of what I missed in my own childhood.  Seeing and feeling the love and the absolute joy that the tiniest item brings to the faces of these children is utterly amazing ….. it is a blessing and a joy to share with them ….. and through some of these photos, I share them with you.