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This little guy’s dream is to be a Doctor when he grows up.

They need a new kitchen!!! – it’s tiny!! and it’s smoky

On the way to the orphanage there are street kids  – we are asked not to give them treats because it makes it more difficult for other volunteers to walk the paths without getting “accosted” 

The toilet “facilities”

Some of the girls, loving the hats that were brought for the
smaller children.

Can you imagine a child doing this?

I would go to the market to bring bread – a real treat – 
not on their menu

It’s hard to reach so many children – I need help and I am willing to teach YOU!!

The children gather around while I teach them to stitch.

Even without me, the kids start stitching on their own once they understand what to do.

One of the children showing off her handiwork.

A treat for the kids – I bought 40 pounds of peanuts at a time!!