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Kids Better World – Not Just A Dream!

The planet and its people are being torn apart by economic, religious, and ethnic differences!  Because of this, our children are suffering in the form of malnutrition, lack of adequate education, clean water, healthcare, shelter and other basic needs.

How can we know about this and not take action? 

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

If you are on this site, I already know, children across the world have touched your heart. I hope you will join me and declare:

NO CHILD Shall be

  • Emotionally, physically, or nutritionally deprived.           
  • Without proper shelter, clothing or physical comfort.
  • Without clean drinking water or ever go hungry.
  • Without the opportunity for education and the ability to succeed in life.
  • Demeaned and/or bullied, ever.

With Your Help…


Seeking to provide the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life.


    A Letter from Founder, Heshie Segal

    I know I cannot build this dream of a healed planet alone although there was a time at one point when I naively thought I could. For more years than I care to reveal, I have been going into schools, community centers, day camps, places of worship, hospitals, peace conferences and beyond, working with children to make it a better world. For the most part, it has been in the United States. More often than not it has been in the inner cities. Wherever there have been children in need, I have sought a way to get there.

    It started in 2010, my fiancée Werner Berger now my husband, was leading a group on a Tanzanian Safari, and Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, so it seemed perfectly logical that I would find children to help in that area. As a result, African orphans became my first project outside of the USA. I did a bit of research and quickly found my group. Admittedly, I was humbled by the number; there were 800 in this particular region alone. How could I leave anyone out and how I could get more than 500 pounds of clothing and supplies (which I had purchased) to Africa without the astronomical costs of freight?

    Much to my surprise, when I reached out to Werner’s fellow adventurers, people were thrilled to help. Not only did they want to help transport things, they wanted to extend their stay to come with me to visit the orphan community. Once there, I was shocked by the deprivation and how tremendous the needs are. I knew I had to do more and indeed I return to Africa every year.

    Helping kids in the US is my first priority. This is where I live. It is my home, my country. And yet, I also live on a global community – a planet with seven continents. Children everywhere need help. There is a difference to be made, children to be saved and peace created in a turbulent world. Our children deserve it. We deserve it. By working together, in the name of our children, we can create change. We must. It is the way, the only way, if we wish to have a future worth dreaming about!

    So, where do we start? Of course, by dreaming big. What would happen if we could garner one million people to step up with ideas, one million kids to get involved, one million dollars (from $1, $5, $10 or more in donations), and one million partners to say ….. ’The time for change is NOW!’

    You may ask how you can make a difference and I say to you …It may be by donating your time, your ideas or your money. We need to put our heads and hearts together. This cannot be about my dream alone. I am planting a seed and it can be nourished by you, and you and you! Together a Kids Better World will become a reality, not just a dream!

    I invite you to help us out right now; go to the page “Donate Now” to choose the contribution that makes your heart sing!


    Heshie Segal

    Heshie Segal

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