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The planet and its people are being torn apart by economic, religious, and ethnic differences!  Because of this, our children are suffering in the form of malnutrition, lack of adequate education, clean water, healthcare, shelter and other basic needs.

How can we know about this and not take action? 

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Orphans in Africa ….The Eyes Tell A Story

Orphans in Africa ….The Eyes Tell A Story

Look into these eyes … Even wearing and holding their new gifts, the underlying sadness these children carry within cannot always be erased. What do they say to you … These children could be anywhere ….. in this case, they happen to be in Africa. They are orphans...


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If you are on this site, I already know, children across the world have touched your heart. I hope you will join me and declare:

NO CHILD Shall be

  • Emotionally, physically, or nutritionally deprived.           
  • Without proper shelter, clothing or physical comfort.
  • Without clean drinking water or ever go hungry.
  • Without the opportunity for education and the ability to succeed in life.
  • Demeaned and/or bullied, ever.


Seeking to provide the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life.

New Project – Puritii for Humanity

Our Goal is to provide 1 Million Puritii Filtration Systems to children on all seven continents by December 31, 2020

Clearly, help is needed and you can see it is not a task for one person.   Who, in addition to yourself do YOU know who would love to step forward to help make a difference in these children’s lives?

It starts with our ‘Buy 2, Donate 1‘ program – .getting third one donated to a child who might otherwise die from drinking contaminated water.

Then reach out to friends and colleagues who do exactly the same. This will grow and help us reach our goal.

The form or Buy link allows you to help.For Every 2 Puritii Filtration systems you purchase for $160, a third System is Donated to the Children!

Click Here To Download The Flyer

We are proud to be featured in Inc. Magazine

Funding A Nonprofit With Branded Products That Sell You” 
How one woman is changing the lives of children worldwide and funding her nonprofit with a water bottle.​

I invite you to help us out right now; go to the page “Donate” to choose the contribution that makes your heart sing!

- Heshie Segal

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A Translation of Love in Africa

A Translation of Love in Africa

May I invite you to, even if just for a moment, imagine yourself in these pictures ~ The younger children did not understand my words as I stood before them so the gentle Father and the Nuns translated. What they DID understand was that we had come with gifts to fill...

Volunteers Extending Their Trip to Help!

Volunteers Extending Their Trip to Help!

Eagerly our volunteers gather around Father Aloyce.  Father Aloyce is our wonderful liaison with the orphan community, everyone always enjoying his ever present smile! Like sardines we piled into his van, and after 2 1/2 hours of bumpy, dusty roads we arrive at our...

The Volunteers from Team Africa

The Volunteers from Team Africa

Overwhelm kicked in and finally I had to admit I needed help.  Shipping to Africa is extremely costly. Werner Berger, AKA “The Everest Guy” ( now my husband, we got married in Africa …. and that’s a whole other incredible experience for later!), suggested I ask the...

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